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Today is election day in the US. It is a big deal, and the whole world is watching. At stake is a vision for America and the faith of the western alliance. On foreign policy and on the economy, Trump is better for America and America's leadership in the world, than Biden.


The forces aligned with Biden have wasted about $20T, most of US's debt, on mismanagement and on a dumb foreign policy to rearrange the middle east for democracy that created more instability. A Biden win would have those forces behind him to continue the regime change efforts and waste another $8T on useless wars.

I am expecting the original 2016 Bernie progressives to make the calculation that on this matter Trump is better and many will vote for him.

Black America, specifically ADOS/DOAS, are at the bottom of the wealth column. Money wasted on dumb foreign policies means there is no money for a Black agenda.

There is also a growing national security concern with respect to America's ability to compete with China, if it does not invest in its citizens. Trump, by pushing an America first policy, is also forcing allies to invest in their citizens.

Then there is the content of Hunter Biden's laptop. I believe that this is a serious problem for Joe Biden, and for America if Joe Biden wins.


Biden and Obama set in motion a growing uberized shared economy on low paying service jobs by monopolies. On top of that they were going to push TPP type trades on Americans, which was going to destroy whatever jobs remain. The result was going to be a collapsed GDP.

This kind of globalism is bad for America, as it undermines the ability of the population, and of its allies, to compete with China. In fact, whether by accident or design, the sanctions on Russia by Biden and Obama caused China to grab Russia's energy for dirt cheap to give China a competitive advantage over America. This means that the Biden plan to eliminate a class of energy products is going to further disadvantage America in its ability to manufacture products competitively, as America's access to cheap energy disappears. Note further that the increasing cost of energy is a catalyst for rising inflation.

Trump is a check on the type of globalism Biden was pushing and will be pushing again, if Biden wins. Not to mention again that Black America, at the bottom of the wealth column, will be crushed first. Some had predicted that by 2050, under globalism, the remaining black wealth would disappear. Nevertheless, globalism unchecked will turn everyone into slaves, except those who are super wealthy.

The decision by Trump to check globalism and to push the America first agenda was initially met with resistance. But the national security requirement to compete with China has forced many to reconsider the Trump agenda. Flexible tariffs, the relocalization effort to manufacture strategic products and to deliver key services locally, and the critical need for the massive infrastructure projects to rebuild America, are going to create a jobs boom in America and send the GDP higher.